The elegant flow and movement beneath the waters surface, complemented with the light gaze of the sun exposing the beautiful vibrant colors providing a sense of constant illumination is a sight to behold.

Our inspiration and passion at J-House stems from the wonders of the mesmerizing colors of the Koi and through our passion wish to spread these sensations to the rest of the world. Our love for these majestic creatures inspired us to search far and wide to make J-House a world class leader in the provider of Parent Koi breeds, making us a well-known expert on Koi breeds.

It is not easy becoming a caretaker for the perfect parent Koi, but J-House strives to find the best solutions down to the intricate details in the selection process. In our drive to provide the best, we have gained approval from our 4 well known partnered aquacultures from Japan, whether it be Sakai Momotaro Dainichi and Omosako. All the spawn from our partners is exclusively sourced from J-House with a guarantee of quality and prestige.